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What is Occupational Therapy?

We work with children and families to meet their goals. We use occupation or "doing the activity" as the intervention, this can range from playing with friends, handwriting, playing a sport, getting dressed, making a meal and many other daily occupations children need to, want to and have to do.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are usually 1 hour in length, 45 minutes will be the therapist's face to face time with your child and 15 minutes for administration. 

Do you do home and school visits?

We are a clinic based service, we offer school and home visits to support a child's program as needed and in collaboration with teachers and parents. 

What services do you have for parents?

We offer specialised support for parents alongside our work with children. We acknowledge that parents are a key part of a child's journey and we partner with all the parents whose children we see. Parent support may form part of a child's therapy journey or as a service on its own.

What ages do you see?

We see children from 0-16 years old.

Do you accept Medicare plans and can I use my private health insurance?

You can use a Medicare plan to access 5 rebated sessions of occupational therapy, your GP will determine your eligibility and open the plan accordingly. Some private health plans cover Occupational Therapy however you would need to contact your fund manager to confirm.

Do I need to be in the sessions?

The evidence shows that therapist and caregiver collaboration has the best outcomes for children. If you can attend sessions this will ensure a partnership between therapist and caregiver and a collaborative and consistent approach.

Can I park at the clinic?

We are located in the Westfield Eastgardens Commercial Tower, easily accessible via the Westfield carpark which offers 3 hours free parking.

Do you offer telehealth?

We offer telehealth therapy for children as well as parent coaching sessions. Children's suitability for this format of therapy will be determined during the intake process. 

Can my cancel my initial appointment?

Assessments are charged at the time of booking and we require at least 24 hours for all cancellations. If you choose to cancel your session with more than 24 hours notice, we will attempt to reschedule your booking, or return the funds. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, the funds will not be refunded. If you choose to cancel your assessment and booked sessions prior to commencing, your child will lose their place on the waiting list.

What if my child is sick and can't attend a session?

Once you have booked a therapy time for the term with a therapist, this time is allocated to your child and is not filled until you no longer need our services. We understand unforseen events happen and therefore with 24 hours notice we offer 2 flexi sessions per term, sessions cancelled within 24 hours are charged. We have worked hard to offer alternative services to ensure continued care for your child in the circumstance that you can't attend. These include parent sessions, home programs and report writing. These options are discussed at intake so you are aware of those that are relevant for your family.

How do I stop sessions?

You can discharge from our service at any time with 1 sessions notice. We then conduct a closure session with your child to discuss progress, plans and ensure that the child is supported through the transition. Your therapist will be in communication with you throughout the therapy journey and discharge is usually a collaborative and celebrated transition shared with the child, the parent and therapist. 

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