Workshops 2020

Term 2

20th August

School Readiness

$66 inc GST


13th August

Managing Challenging Behaviour

$66 inc GST


3rd September


Fussy Eating

$66 inc GST


We run regular workshops at our clinic for parents and professionals on the topics:

Behaviour management, Attachment, Attention, Emotional Regulation, Practical therapy skills, Communication, Autism specific strategies, Fine motor skills, Play, Sensory Processing, School readiness & Handwriting.

OUR 2020 workshop calendar is now ready, see it below!


We also present at preschools and schools on request

*if minimum no of tickets are not sold, workshop will be cancelled. At least 48 hours notice will be given

Student and new graduate
3 part workshop
For students, new graduates or people hoping to commence work in paediatrics

Are you interested in working in paeds? Join our zoom mini series, with 3 one hour workshops focusing on assessment, intervention ideas, tips and tricks! The first mini series will focus on toileting, fine motor development and sleep.

Managing challenging behaviour
For parents, teachers and paediatric students & professionals
Proven ways to manage your child’s behaviour in a nurturing way that has long term positive outcomes. Learn how to set boundaries within this framework and practical ways to teach emotional regulation to children. 
Addressing behaviour, social skills and emotional development through play
For parents, teachers and paediatric students & professionals
How you can use play to set your child up for a life of learning. Learn about stages of play, the current best practice in engaging your child in play. Learn practical ways to include play with your child in your busy day. This workshop includes take home activities.

All about children's sleep

For parents, teachers and paediatric students& professionals
This workshop gives practical strategies for encouraging healthy sleep habits for children older than 1 year of age.

Your child's sensory world

For parents, teachers and paediatric students& professionals
This workshop provides tools to understand sensory processing and strategies to address your children's sensory needs.

Fussy Eating

For parents, teachers and paediatric students& professionals
Research shows that 1 in 5 children struggle with eating at some point in time, but only 50% grow out of it. This parent workshop is based on The SOS Approach to Feeding, developed by Dr Kay Toomey. In this workshop, we discuss the major reasons why children won’t eat, and general strategies to implement in your home.
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