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Art Class

One Day Groups

Themed group with an emphasis on collaborative play, exectuvie function, andregulation. Themes inlcude : Lego, messy play, construction, games, and slime.

Playful Kids
Social Play Group

This play group focuses on the development of social and pretend play skills, social problem solving, perspective taking, flexible thinking and peer negotiation. It will promote your child's collaborative play skills and social interactions through games, activities and play. Let the fun begin! Suitable for children aged 7-10 years.

Kid drawing
 Pencil Pals Online Group

Pencil Pals Online Group focuses on all things pencil skills! The group will aim to help your child develop essential pencil skills, including, pencil grip, strength, control, drawing skills and letter and numeral formation!

Preschool Class

School Foundation Group

Our School Foundation Group helps develop your child’s skills to promote a smooth start to the school year. This group will explore skills such as writing, drawing, cutting, dressing, social, attention and emotional regulation. Suitable for children aged 4-7 years.

Learning to Read
WeThinkers Group

This group addresses social thinking concepts for building stronger social connections and will include a variety of books, games, activities and suggestions for home to aid in learning these concepts. Suitable for children aged 5-9 years.


Tween Social Group

Early adolescence is a time when interpersonal relationships take on greater importance, which is why developing social connections at this age is so important. This group focuses on age- appropriate activities as a means of developing social interaction skills in adolescents. The sessions will involve activities designed to develop theory of mind, flexible thinking, empathy & narrative ability. Suitable for young people aged 10- 15 years.

Children Studying Alphabet

Little Leap Group

Little Leap is a program that has been designed by occupational therapists to provide school readiness skills using music and movement. Suitable for 4-5 year olds. Little Leap provides practice in foundation skills in preparation for learning. Areas targeted are: - Breath regulation - Fine motor skills - Gross motor skills - Calming skills - Group skills ​The program targets areas to enable performance in functional tasks such as playing sport and games, sustained attention, following instructions, foundations for reading and writing, following a group structure, posture, static balance and transitions.

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