Workshops 2022


These workshops are for everyone!

Educators, parents, students, teachers and anyone working with children or who has an interest in child development are welcome.

We present at preschools and schools on request





Term 1:

Managing challenging behaviour, Thursday 24th February 2022

Your child's Sensory World, Thursday 10th March 2022

Toilet Education - Part 1, Thursday 24th March 2022

Toilet Education - Part 1, Thursday 31st March 2022 

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Managing challenging behaviour

Proven ways to manage your child’s behaviour in a nurturing way that has long term positive outcomes. Learn how to set boundaries within this framework and practical ways to teach emotional regulation to children. Based on attachment science and relationship approach.

Thursday 24th of February, 7-9pm offered online only
$80 plus GST

Your child's sensory world

This workshop provides tools to understand sensory processing and strategies to address your children's sensory needs.
Thursday 10th of March, 7-9pm offered online only
$80 plus GST
Toilet Education

Teaching your child to use the toilet is one of the biggest childhood milestones and it is not easy as every child develops differently. This workshop is designed to help families make a plan on how they are going to approach this milestone and go on this journey with support. This workshop will be presented in two instalments.  

PART 1 - Are you Ready?
Thursday 24th of March 
7-8pm offered online only

$80 plus GST

PART 2 - Getting Started

Thursday 31st of March 
7-8pm offered online only
$80 plus GST

Coming soon in 2021

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Circle of Security Parent Group 

Circle of Security Parenting is a group which supports parents to come together and reflect on their children and themselves to gain perspective and learn to best support their child’s social-emotional development.
The Circle of Security Parenting(TM) program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened. Presented by our senior OT Siead, who is trained and registered as a Circle of Security Parenting facilitator.  
The group will run for 8 weeks and the total cost is $1125
If you are interested in this group please email and include the following details:
  •  Your name 
  • Your goals for the group
  • If you are a current/past client of Playsense
This ensures we can add your details to the waitlist and email updates closer to the commencement of the group.  

Children's Social Skills

 Tips and strategies on how to support development of your child’s social skills. Strategies are designed for children aged 4-7 years old.
Thursday 11th of November, 7-9pm offered online only
$80 plus GST
Email to book 
Student and new graduate
For students, new graduates or people hoping to commence work in paediatrics

Are you interested in working in paediatrics? Join our zoom mini series, with 2 one hour workshops focusing on assessment, intervention ideas, tips and tricks!

Fussy Eating

Research shows that 1 in 5 children struggle with eating at some point in time, but only 50% grow out of it. This parent workshop is based on The SOS Approach to Feeding, developed by Dr Kay Toomey. In this workshop, we discuss the major reasons why children won’t eat, and general strategies to implement in your home.

All about children's sleep

This workshop gives practical strategies for encouraging healthy sleep habits for children older than 1 year of age.

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