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Kids with Capes

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About Us

Welcome to Playsense Occupational Therapy!  


We are a family centred practice and build close relationships with the families we work with. Caregivers are the most important people in shaping children's lives, therefore we work to involve families in everything we do.


Children's self esteem is central to all our interventions and is fostered by taking a collaborative and child centred approach rather than a behaviour shaping approach. We ensure that all children have a sense of ownership over the therapy process which motivates them and engages them in reaching their goals. 

We value children's autonomy, mastery and purpose and we welcome and celebrate neurodiversity. We support children to be curious about how they want to connect with others and what works for them. 

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What we do...

We assess and create individual intervention programs for each child and work hard to ensure that occupational therapy fits within each individual families circumstances. We work with children of all ages in the clinic and conduct school observations.​ Some of the areas we address include:

  • Handwriting

  • Fine motor skills

  • Gross motor skills

  • Visual perception

  • Learning difficulties

  • Gross motor integration

  • Autism

  • Social connections

  • ADHD

  • ADD

  • Attention

  • Motor planning (praxis)

  • Motor coordination

  • Postural strength

  • Sensory regulation

  • Sensory processing

  • Oppositional defiance disorder

  • Developmental coordination disorder

  • Finger/hand strength

  • Finger/hand coordination

  • Attachment and behaviour difficulties

  • Lateral integration

  • Sensory processing

We regularly attend workshops, seminars, in services and read journals to ensure that we are always learning as individual therapists and a team.


We use standardised and observational assessments to assess your child and create a tailored therapy plan


We make therapy sessions fun and motivating. We use a multi sensory approach and involve parents to ensure generalisation of skills


We run holiday programs for handwriting, teen social skills, school readiness, early school skills and social emotional skills

Parent involvement

We involve parents in the intervention process and we also offer individualised workshops for parents

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